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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we'll show you where it's coming down and we'll track these showers to your doorstep throughout the day. and those showers i'm tracking the effect on your roads as well as the changes for conditions off the freeway and on the rails. and right now we give you a live look from burbank, california, down south. firefighters there trying to battle back a three-alarm fire. we'll have details on that coming up on this friday, november 9th. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. this morning that stormy weather creeping all over the bay area right now bringing with it some chilly temperatures. take a look at this video. new video shot this morning just outside of our studios here in san jose showing all kinds of rain, all kinds of wind going along with that. it came down very hard. we could hear it on the roof this morning. team coverage of the big chill. meteorologist christina loren
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has your forecast in just a moment, but we'll start things off with christie smith, who joins us live at sacred heart community center in san jose with some people in need getting some help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. the volunteers are finally starting to show up this morning and, boy, it is cold and wet out here. some of these folks have actually been waiting in line for up to 18 hours just to register for a chance at holiday food and toys. i spoke with one man this morning who told me he is still out of work, there are kids in the home and that's why he is here at sacred heart community service where about 200 people are in line. there are tents out here, some just under umbrellas and blankets. the poverty rate, i spoke with one gentleman and he said for the county it's 10.6%. they expect to distribute about 7,000 food boxes between thanksgiving and christmas. right now, though, they could use some help with cash or food. >> so we hope to have all the food in here by this coming
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friday. right now we have four turkeys in the freezer. so you do the math on that one. there's a lot of work to be able to do. >> reporter: registration this morning starts somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00 this morning, goes until 6:00 tonight. there's also another registration next friday. folks here very grateful for this. what's going to happen is they will come back closer to the holiday and pick up those food boxes and toys. one of the things they keep asking this morning is, this rain has stopped, and they're hoping that will hold out a little bit longer. for a little more i'll turn it over to christina loren. how's it looking? >> you are a brave woman to be out there, the coldest morning we've had in four months, in addition to everybody out there braving the cold. we've got snow coming down high atop mt. hamilton. also mt. diablo picking up a mix of rain and snow. here's the kicker, temperatures are not at their coldest for the morning. they're going to continue to
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drop off the next couple hours and we're already at 36 degrees in places like santa rosa, 37 in novato and 41 in sonoma. so we're expecting more of that rain/snow mixture down to potentially 2,000 feet here in the bay area. showers will continue as we head throughout the day. we'll track those, time them out to your doorstep, let you know what the weekend will hold. a little bit of a change just ahead. 6:03. first let's get you out that front door. >> the note from the overnight rains, watch those slick conditions, potential for spinouts. 880, we just saw a lot of lights just go ahead and leave the area at the high street offramp. with overnight construction on the surface street itself, it looks like your travel moves smoothly. again, high street if you're heading through the area. 92 westbound there's construction at hisperian and we
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just saw that change from yellow to green. a little slowing toward the toll plaza. the volume increases there, so a typical pattern out of castro valley for the san mateo bridge toll plaza as well. we're looking at the south bay where things look really smooth right now. the green highlighting at the top of your screen not just on the roadways. that means the potential for wet roadways through the area and the volume increasing slowing for north 101 from 680 to 880. a little slowing south 880 down toward the 280 interchange past that stevens creek exit where we know it gets crowded every shopping season but this interchange which is already a problem might get some construction and maybe potential delays, is that right? >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. it's one of the worst bottlenecks in the south bay and it's about to get a makeover. at 10:00 this morning, just a few hours from now, the valley transportation authority, the vta, will break ground on a new $62 million project to improve the 880/280 interchange. this area as you are alluding to
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is notorious for backing up because the exit lanes are so narrow and you add to that the thousands of drivers traveling on their way to the santana row and valley fair shopping areas and you've got massive headac s headaches. the construction will add new exit ramps and a new flyover ramp linking northbound 280 with northbound 880. >> we're going to do everything possible to mitigate the impacts that happen during construction. but patience is key. we'll get in, we'll get out and it will be a much better interchange when we're done. >> reporter: now, the vta recognize that say with santana row and valley fair right here, traffic will be building up even more during the upcoming holiday shopping seasons. keep in mind black friday is two friday as way from now. that's why they're holding off on some of the more disruptive parts of the project until after the holiday. all of this should be completed by 2015, sometime during that year. reporting live here, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." happening right now, an intense scene in burbank. a tobacco warehouse up in flames. firefighters there working very hard trying to battle this three-alarm fire. you can see the flames leaping out of that roof, smoke everywhere those. those firefighters were initially inside that building trying to fight the fire but it was too intense. they had to get out when the flames spread to the attic. we're getting reports the store has lost its roof and it appears to be a total loss out there. arson investigators are on scene trying to figure out exactly how this one started. 6:06. antioch police are piecing together clues of a deadly shooting. detectives found evidence outside a home on west 18th street which is not too far from three neighborhood schools. investigators say around 8:30 last night a 44-year-old man checked himself into the hospital after being shot. no arrests have been made and police have not released any suspect information. a man injured while celebrating the giants world series win last week has
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unfortunately died. now police are asking for help to try to find exactly how this happened. police say sean moffitt was hit in the head during all that partying going on back on october 28th. it was a wild scene. he ended up going to the hospital where he died two days later. police say they're not sure at this point whether he was attacked or he was just accidentally hurt. they're now asking possible witnesses in that district for any surveillance footage or photos to help them solve this case. less than 24 hours after winning re-election, the president of the moraga school board resigned from his post. the summit says dexter lui sent written notice wednesday night announcing his resignation effective immediately. he recused himself at the board's last special closed session meeting wednesday morning where they discussed sex abuse lawsuits brought against the district. the remaining board members will start reviewing options to replace him on a meeting on
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tuesday. mother nature has had her machine however she works it in overdrive this week. christina loren is on top of it and checking it all for us. >> we're trying to stay two steps ahead of mother nature and i think we're doing a pretty good job. we forecast that he had snow high atop mt. hamilton that is coming down as we speak. also mt. diablo at 3800 feet getting some snow this morning. we're going to continue to see the bulk of the moisture come through, but showers are subsiding. just watch out for a rain/snow mix on top of mt. hamilton. then you see that white. that's straight snowfall coming down because our temperatures are dropping off. now san jose is getting pretty wet so watch out for slick conditions down there and all across the bay area. temperatures are cold to start. 36 in santa rosa, four degrees away from freezing there. cold enough for frost. 37 in novato and 47 in san francisco. san jose is at 47 degrees as well. you'll have your full forecast in just a few moments. first we want to check your
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drive. good morning, mike. >> christina is warning you about the changing weather conditions. right here this square is highlighted in green. there's potential for wet roadways and that will change over the course of the morning. the orange and red on the reds, that means it's slow, very slow heading into livermore. that's a traditional spot for that westbound commute but not traditional, this was a problem yesterday. the new paragon outlet malls open up and big deal shopping. well, we had traffic backed up coming out of the altamont pass all the way over to el charo and eastbound from the dublin interchange all the way over starting at about 10:00 a.m. that lasted into the afternoon hours. folks were heading to the new outlets, hundreds of stores there, and that was causing a big backup. likely again today since wee heading into the weekend. meanwhile a typical commute for the morning right now. a nice, easy drive through sunol as well but there may be clouds and fog developing right there past the golf course.
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a live look outside to see how things are shaping up. this is palo alto 101 north past university avenue. an easy drive. the peninsula, not a problem for 101 or 280. 880 moves smoothly as you're coming southbound with these headlights. that is building a bit heading out of union city. the northbound side moves smoothly through oakland and of course at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on but the sunlight coming up too. that's a beautiful sunrise. ignore the backup at the toll plaza. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> don't be distracted by all that traffic. 6:10. coming up, a hidden danger during a routine drug bust. what officers found tucked away inside a secret drug lab just ahead. also it looks like the scene of a hollywood movie here but this is a real-live scene. this is on the streets of san francisco. we'll tell you about the dream house that goesup in flames overnight. we'll have that just ahead. and navy s.e.a.l.s in trouble for what they did for a
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video game. and does your child's peanut allergy have something to do with how much money you make? the surprising study just ahead. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
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6:13. authorities in mountain view say don't be surprised when they arrest more people in connection with a major unusual drug bust lab. they broke into right in the heart of silicon valley. marla tellez joins us in studio with details on what officers found and what is expected to happen later today. marla. >> reporter: laura, so far five people are in custody and, yes, more arrests are expected as soon as today. today we could also learn who these people are, the scientists, if you will, behind this extraordinary drug lab. s.w.a.t. officers from several bay area agencies closed in on this mountain view apartment
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complex thursday to find what mountain view police are calling a dmt drug operation. dmt or dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic drug that triggers intense hallucinations. federal officials say it's in the same class of drugs as lsd, but it is ten times stronger. officers say in two units on the bottom floor they found plans, acid-based solutions and tools to make the drug. they say they have never seen anything like it. >> it's certainly something we don't want spread, that's for sure. it's -- from what i know this is the first of its kind and we definitely don't want it popping up in other cities, especially ours. >> reporter: the owner of the downtown apartment complex that sits on bush street just a few blocks from very busy castro street said he had no idea this was actually happening on his property, but one neighbor tells us she's been suspicious for some time because she often smells a toxic, plastic burning
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smell coming from the apartments. again, mountain view police say they have five in custody. more arrests are likely. coming up in my next live report, i'll tell you who else authorities confiscated that has suspects facing even more charges. it is 6:15. time for a quick check on the top stories. construction starting today on that very busy 880/280 interchange in san jose. that's going to be a little ugly. new exit and flyover ramps will eventually ease the congestion there near santana row and valley fair mall. construction expected to go on for the next two years. san francisco firefighters knock down a major fire at a home in the monterey heights neighborhood. the home is undergoing renovations. no one was inside at the time. no word yet on a cause. this one might be a little scary for some parents. nestle recalling more than 200,000 canisters of nesquik drink mix because of a possible salmonella contamination. the best used date on the bottom
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of that canister is october, 2014. some of those containers have a promotion for the disney movie "wreck it ralph" on the side. so check that out. no comments from redwood city based electronic arts after news one of its new video games may cost members of the famed s.e.a.l. team 6 their jobs. >> scott mcgrew, they were paid to help design the game? >> yeah. i'll tell you right now that is not unusual. i have met with video game designers for almost 20 years now. at those meetings you often also meet with military consultants who help them. in fact the army has its own video game designed by the army. the problem with this new video game, medal of honor war fighter, is that the consultants were s.e.a.l.s, the navy's special forces, and their operations are supposed to be far more secret. the defense department has told news agencies several members of that team, including one member who participated in the killing of osama bin laden have been
6:17 am
officially reprimanded for revealing secrets to electronic arts. now, in the military a simple letter of reprimand is a career killer. secrets is relative, though. explaining how a s.e.a.l. team works is prohibited. ea not in trouble this morning. to be fair, the military has been participating in a lot of hollywood-style projects lately, including, you may recall, allowing active special forces members to star in their own movie. speaking of special operations, chevron says its systems were at one point infected with stuxnet. that's that computer worm designed to attack iran's nuclear weapons program. nobody admits to it but it's widely assumed that the united states or israel's defense forces created that virus. chevron tells the "wall street journal" it did not do any damage and one can make an educated guess, the united states government could have helped chevron get rid of that worm. lastly, corporate raider carl icahn talked with cnbc about netflix.
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he said he might actually subject that company to an unfriendly takeover. one way or the other, he says, the company is undervalued and should be an easy company for someone to snap up, particularly considering interest rates are so low. >> thank you very much, scott. well, new this morning, first new jersey and now new york. drivers are going to have to get in line if they want to fill up their tanks in new york city and long island. gas rationing is just getting under way today. this morning police are out in force at gas stations to make sure no one is breaking those rules. we have a live report from a gas station to make sure no one is breaking the rules where rationing has been going on for some time now. >> reporter: good morning. gas rationing is now in effect on long island and here in new york city, and the hope is to cut down on those ever-so-long lines that new yorkers have really become accustomed to.
6:19 am
take a look at this station, it's pretty packed. this is how the rules work. if your license plate ends in an order number, since today is november 9th, it's an odd day, you can get gas today. if you have vanity plates that only have letters, you can also get gas. but those who have license plates that end in even numbers, well, they have to wait until tomorrow or another even day. there are some restrictions -- or some exemptions. for people who are walking up with canisters, also taxis, limousines and official vehicles like police and fire officials can also come up here whenever you can. now, the rules had to go into effect because the areas where the gas comes into new york city, those are damaged and there's just not enough gas coming in to go around to all the stations. so there have been long lines at these gas stations. again, the hope is to cut down on those lines. but so far mixed reviews. here at this station they received a shipment this morning, 8800 gallons of gas. they expect it to be gone by
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today. let's go back to you. >> tough times continue there. thank you very much. >> endless things there. 6:20. we have our own kind of crazy situation weatherwise. >> yeah, you know, we went from record heat, 90s in places like gilroy earlier this week, just 72 hours ago. now we're talking about potential record lows this morning. i went back to my little weather center and tallied up all those numbers for you and we'll get to those in just a moment. i think we're going to break some low records this morning, which is just absurd. this is san jose, dark clouds still hanging outs. the south bay is getting the most activity through the morning hours. let's get right to your maps and show you the radar. temperatures are in the 30s. 36 degrees in santa rosa, we're at 37 degrees right now in places like napa. so as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be cool. we're only expecting the upper 50s inland. bayside about 56 degrees and at the coast 55 degrees.
6:21 am
so let's help you plan that weekend saturday into sunday. we'll see some changes, the upper 50s return. as we head through saturday, another day of cold air. your futurecast tells the story of the day. we stop the clock right around 7:00 p.m. to 10:00. a few residual showers on saturday morning and as we progress through the second half of your saturday finally clearing you out, but low pressure will be potent. we're not done with this system just yet as we have a lot of instability in our atmosphere. we could see pea-size, even dime-size hail and very gusty winds so keep that in mind. we'll take you through your full forecast coming up. let's talk to mike about your drive. >> if hail comes in, that's going to cause havoc because people freak out with only a little rain. that's later on. right now we have slowing for northbound 101, northbound 87, those two northbound routes showing the congestion building for the south bay, but it's a little later build and a little
6:22 am
milder. also this green highlighting on the roadways, that's where you might find slicker roads from having had overnight rains. also where christina talked about cold temperatures right now. here's the road to the top of mt. hamilton. green means the wet roadways and potentially the pink also. the roadway is open, just keep that in mind. we close that once the snow hits. even though it's pretty, you don't want to get stuck in it. in sunol, a smooth drive around bend and there's no fog. low clouds hovering around but a smooth drive from pleasanton into fremont. another live look with our camera across the san mateo bridge. this is the westbound commute pushing toward the peninsula. building but no slowing here and a nice, easy drive along the peninsula itself. there's the east shore freeway down through berkele and the b.a.r.t. system, now no delays. back to you. it is 6:22. a lot more ahead. we'll be right back. what are you doing there?
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6:25 on a friday morning. this morning a link between kids peanut allergies and how much money their parents make. a new study is being presented at an annual meeting of allergy specialists. it finds there are greater numbers of peanut allergies reported in wealthier families. experts say it could be due to the hygiene, the theory that overdoing it on hand sanitizers is suppressing the immune system. about 20% of kids eventually outgrow their peanut allergies.
6:26 am
>> wow, that's interesting. kind of weird. okay. 6:26 right now. what do you think of this? team jacob, team edward? well, both sides of the fence there are facing off for the final test. >> i have no idea what we're talking about but i think it's some movie, right? yeah, twihearts camping out at a twilight tent city down in los angeles. four days ahead of the "breaking dawn part 2" premiere. they're all hoping to get a glimpse of robert patterson, taylor lautner and the rest of the red carpet. "breaking dawn part 2" is the fifth and final film in the blockbuster vampire romance saga. the movie opens in theaters nationwide next friday but for now they're just enjoying their moments in their pup tents on the street. >> leave it as is. i've never read the books but they say they're good. 6:27 right now. still ahead, finding a safety
6:27 am
net before we fall off that fiscal cliff. we're all watching on that one. but with both parties, can you come up with a compromise before it's too late? we have live team coverage in place. we'll have that just ahead. and an apartment building turns into ash. how firefighters battle for control over 20-foot flames coming up next. right now a live look, a picturesque beautiful look on this friday over san francisco. kind of chilly out there but it looks nice. 6:27. ♪
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a fiscal cliff on the horizon as president obama prepares for his first white house address since his re-election. speaking of finances, a live look at wall street ringing it in where the markets continue to react to reports of possible cooperation on a deal to try to
6:30 am
avoid tax hikes and all those spending cuts. good morning, everybody, it is 6:30. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. today president obama will give a speech urging both parties to meet in the middle on a deal to keep from falling off that fiscal cliff, but will it really happen? team coverage on what is at stake. tracie potts is live on capitol hill, but we begin with scott mcgrew live in our newsroom with a look at why global and u.s. markets are reacting so strongly to the issue. >> it's because economists agree the fiscal cliff will throw the u.s. economy into recession. really the fiscal cliff is a great metaphor. we really should be calling it a planned recession. we have live pictures this morning as you saw of wall street. the markets did close lower again thursday. they're headed for another decline today. part of that is the disappointing results we saw from j.c. penney and mcdonald's, but a lot is fear of the cliff. this is a worldwide problem. we look at the markets in hong
6:31 am
kong, the united states is the world's largest economy. you think greece causes us problems? imagine what kind of problems we could cause greece if we went into recession. so can washington solve this in time? let's bring in tracie potts live on capitol hill. president obama is speaking out about this issue for the first time since his re-election. is there the incentive there for cooperation? >> reporter: well, they have got the incentive because people are just fed up with the gridlock in washington and now that we're past the election, we hear that the president today is going to say you've got to get those bush tax cuts reinstated for the beginning of the year and come on, congress, democrats, republicans, let's cooperate. but the incentive comes with the fact that if people's taxes go up and their paychecks are smaller come the beginning of the year, neither party here in washington will be very popular, scott. >> what's really at stake for democrats and republicans as well here? >> reporter: well, they have got different priorities. take a look, for the democrats, they want to guarantee for middle income earners, for the
6:32 am
middle class, that taxes are kept low and they also support higher taxes for the wealthy. that's something that was pitched and rejected here in washington. for republicans, they say that they're willing to consider new tax revenue, but not necessarily by raising taxes. they are still, as i said, opposed to raising taxes for those high income earners. instead they want a new tax code that would lower rates but at the same time some policies to grow the economy so that everyone earns more money, a bigger chunk of what they earn ends up in taxes. new revenue in growth and not tax hikes. >> we'll hear from republican speaker of the house john boehner. what do you expect out of him? >> reporter: you know, he opened the door and said we are interested in talking about new revenue and then had to go back and clarify himself and he will likely do that again today. he did that in an interview but probably will do it in a wider form to say we are not for new taxes. if that's the way president obama and the democrats want to bring more money into this
6:33 am
government, we're not going to go for it. >> one last question for you. we talked about this causing a recession. this thelma and louise impact. there could be real impact on the unemployment and economy. >> reporter: if congress does nothing and lets those tax increases happen and don't forget the 2% payroll tax break we ought got this year too, if they let both happen at the beginning of the year plus the massive budget cuts in the government we haven't even talked about that and the effect on the military, if all of that goes into effect, no unemployment benefits extended for people, they think that we could be looking at 9.1% unemployment by this time next year, by the fall. so we've seep some drops and they think it will go right back up. >> tracie potts reporting live from washington. thanks for being with us this morning. jon and laura, the dow industrials down about 44 points. this is another day of down markets as we wait for some solution on this cliff, now about 54 days away.
6:34 am
>> thank you very much for the great perspective as always. right now we have new video, a massive fire at a house in san francisco. this one started last night in the city's monterey heights neighborhood. the home was actually being renovated at the time. fortunately nobody was inside the home when it started on fire. this one kind of rough out there. firefighters took about an hour and a half to finally get those flames under control. so far we have not received any word on the actual cause of that fire. also happening now, a tobacco warehouse up in flames this morning in burbank where firefighters are battling that three-alarm fire. take a look live out there this morning. earlier flames were seen leaping out of the roof, but you see them attacking it from above. a lot of thick, white smoke there. looks like they're getting a handle on it. this is what i was describing from earlier where firefighters were initially trying to fight this fire from the inside but they just had to get out because those flames, as you see there, they spread to the attic. it was a rough one. arson investigators are on the scene and they have been battling that since 3:30 this
6:35 am
morning. >> looks like the building is a total loss. that's what's being reported at this point. 6:35 right now. outside cold rain, wet snow and the possibility of thunderstorms in that forecast today. >> yeah, you know, it is going to be rather active around here. look at this live picture. this is from san francisco. my chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, he is pulling a little double duty last night. he left the office, went home and captured this video for us. you can actually hear that rain in the background. we want to take you out live and show you the improving sky here over san rafael. beautiful, clear conditions here and the clear sky means very, very cold readings up in the north bay. we'll get to that in just a minute. now let's show you san jose where some of the showers continue to linger. you can vividly see that here, storm clouds continue to move over mt. hamilton and temperatures are very cold. cold enough for snow on mt. hamilton. we also picked up some snow on mt. diablo this morning. but the good news is the showers are deteriorating quickly. so they're going to be out of here as we head through the second half of the day.
6:36 am
we'll see partial clearing. another weak wave moves through tonight into tomorrow morning and then completely done saturday. it's 36 in napa, 36 in petaluma and 36 degrees in santa rosa. i just want to jog your memory and brick you back to just 72 hours ago. we had 90s and record heat. now we're talking about the potential for record lows. look at this, santa rosa already hit 35 degrees. the record is right at freezing and we're going to continue to drop off as now the sun is coming up. sunrise happening right now. this is the coldest point of the day. we want to take a look at your drive right now. mike inouye has been tracking quite a few things with those showers coming down, wet conditions as you make your way off to work this morning. >> you talked about the rain most recently having come through san jose. now let me show you the live shot. this is northbound 101 underneath the 680 interchange. you see the low clouds in the distance and the roadway, it's a little bit wet. you can see it damp here.
6:37 am
the area where it's colored in with the green highlighting over the roadways and the surface area, we're looking at damp conditions on 87, 101, 280. that happens to be the same areas where the commute starts to build right about now as well so we're tracking that. meanwhile over here we have the build westbound 580 out of the altamont pass and livermore. disabled vehicle eastbound in the middle of the freeway causing a problem just past el charro. yesterday both directions approaching those sbranintercha were jammed up. the paragon mall was open but chp had to be called over for crowd control and big backups. it's only the first couple of days the outlets are open. big burst for businesses through the area as well. now we'll look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the backup going past west grand avenue building. but the east shore freeway looking all right. the peninsula, palo alto moves
6:38 am
smoothly south coming toward us with the headlights. easy drive but building out of san mateo into menlo park. it's 6:38. still ahead, a u.s. drone attack in the middle east. what the pentagon is saying about that air strike just ahead. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it.
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6:40. pentagon officials say two iranian fighter jets have attacked a u.s. drone. the attack happened over the persian gulf near kuwait last week. pentagon spokesperson says the
6:41 am
jets fired at least twice on the drone, presumably to take it down. it also said the drone was never in iranian airspace. the confrontation is further straining diplomatic efforts to stop iran's nuclear program. in washington state fire investigators right now just trying to figure out exactly what sparked a massive apartment fire late last night. the 13-unit building wentup in flames about 10:00 last night. at one point those flames reached so high they were hitting power lines there. a very dicey situation. residents were safely evacuated. they're now staying at a nearby sports arena. again, we're happy to report nobody was hurt. coming up, commute overhaul. a facelift for a major intersection that has been giving south bay commuters a headache for years. it actually could get worse before it gets better. we'll explain it all coming up. alright let's break it down.
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good friday morning to you. families in need are braving the chilly weather to make sure they have and for toys for their children this holiday season. christie smith joins us live at sacred heart community center in san jose with a look at why all those people are camped out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, people are starting to wake up because the lights game on inside and the volunteers showed up. they're starting to serve coffee and bagels out here after a very long, cold night. some of these folks have actually been here since 11:00 yesterday morning in the rain overnight and some just had blankets and umbrellas with them. a lot of them telling me that they're out of work or they are working, but the money just doesn't go far enough. this is sacred heart community
6:45 am
services holiday food box and toy registration line. they are estimating that they will distribute food to 7,000 families between thanksgiving and christmas. the demand is staying strong. >> it's real. this doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. according to government number, the recession ended two or three years ago and that's not what you're seeing here today. >> reporter: and here's a look at the food boxes and toys. they are telling us that they really need donations of turkeys and of course toys too. they're getting a lot of pink toys coming in but not so much toys for boys and even older kids, teenagers. doors open this morning between 7:30 and 9:00. people are going to register here and then they'll come back a little bit closer to the holiday to actually pick up those food boxes and toys. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> looks like some student volunteers are helping out.
6:46 am
>> the great part is you can go by and drop off food and toys. if you can help out, it's really important. >> make a difference. it is chilly out there and it looks like we'll continue through the weekend up and down. >> indeed. every kid deserves a toy at christmas time. you know what, it's starting to look a lot like christmas in tahoe. let's take you outdoors and show you our latest video. this is from i-80. look at this, chains required as you make your way into the tahoe area and there's snow coming down as we speak so let's get right to your radar this morning. look at all that snow up and down the sierra nevada. here in the bay area, our showers are starting to clear out, which is really good news. we'll start to see on and off showers very spotty and isolated thunderstorms throughout the day today. right now the most significant cell is located over san jose. we've got another one over san francisco. and lows this morning are chilly. we are just a few degrees away from freezing up in the north bay and we might actually set some records when it comes to lows for this date.
6:47 am
yeah, actually on track to do that in santa rosa this morning. we'll let you know whether or not that took place today at 11:00. on and off showers continue, isolated thunderstorms for your friday. bay area wind gusts, 15 to 25 miles per hour so those have dropped off. if you're headed over the sierra summit, blowing snow and, yeah, you'll need those chains as they're expecting a foot of fresh powder. 57 in gilroy, 56 in san jose and 57 in los gatos. a few storms later on this afternoon. we'll be on storm watch at the nbc bay area weather center. saturday and sunday starting to get a little bit warmer but waking up with widespread frost on sunday morning. monday into tuesday more rain arrives in the bay area. let's get you out the front door on a good note with mike inouye. >> we're looking at the south bay with a combination of things on this map. first of all, you see the colors changing to orange and red right here on this northbound routes. really this whole zone is where the slowing is. 85 northbound coming past 87 over towards saratoga starting to build that volume.
6:48 am
87 really kicking in with the slowing into downtown. coming down toward 30 miles an hour at its worst passing alma. north 101 from capital all the way past the airport a slower drive here as well. and the green that's colored in shows you where the recent rain might be sticking around causing wetter roadways and slicker conditions. farther north we're looking at the southbound side of 880 slowing through union city and fremont. the build pretty typical. we have construction 880 right here at winston and hisperian affecting the on-ramps but not the freeway itself. slow through castro valley. now toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza. we'll get a quick look on the peninsula side and see the volume starts to build but a smooth drive coming off of this westbound bridge for highway 92, the san mateo bridge. still an easy drive through the transition, 92 at 101, but the volume builds through san mateo as well. now back over to the east bay and oakland, 880 moves smoothly
6:49 am
past high street. all that surface street construction cleared. you're close to the limit heading into downtown. the bay bridge toll plaza has the backup but the east shore freeway shows the volume really building through berkeley. here's university avenue. you're into the 50s coming into berkeley but that's not bad. the berkeley curve is where you slow down. back to you. >> thank you very much. safe to say this one will be a shopper's dream which unfortunately usually translates into a commuters nightmare. ground breaking getting under way in a few hours for improvements on the 880/280 interchange in san jose, an infamous interchange. as you know, this one is the gateway to the valley fair mall and santana row and that is where bob redell is live near that interchange in san jose with what people there living in that area are being told about all this stuff going on. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. it will be a makeover for one of the worst bottlenecks here in the south bay. at 10:00 this morning, the vta, the valley transportation authority, will break ground on what's going to be a $62 million
6:50 am
project to make improvements here at the 280/880 interchange here in san jose. this area, as you mentioned, it notorious for backing up because the exit lanes are so narrow, the off-ramps and on-ramps in some places share the same lanes and add to that the thousands of shoppers driving through here on their way to santana row and valley fair and you've got that massive traffic headache that so many people complain about, rightfully so. over the next few years the construction will add new exit ramps and among other things a new flyover ramp that will link northbound 280 with northbound 880. >> vta with caltrans and the city of san jose will do everything possible to mitigate the impacts that happen during construction, but the patience is key. we'll get in, we'll get out and it will be a much better interchange when we're done. >> reporter: now, the first part of the project will be new entrance into valley fair from 880 and a widening of the stevens creek overpass. that 280/880 flyover i mentioned
6:51 am
earlier will start by next summer. the entire project completed sometime during 2015. now, with the holiday shopping season just exactly two weeks away from today, black friday is two fridays away, vta recognizes it's going to be a lot more traffic as people are trying to get to santana row and valley fair, so the disruptive parts of the project, they'll hold off on those until after the holidays. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." walnut creek police are searching for two men who carjacked and kidnapped a woman from her parking lot. she was leaving her office wednesday night when she says two men grabbed her, tied her up and put her in the back of her car. she claims they drove her to several atms looking for money. >> she got into her car. the men accosted her, blind folded her and tied her up. they put her in the back seat of the car. we know they went to a number of different locations where the suspects did get some money from some of her banking accounts. >> after about four hours the woman says she was then dropped off in the oakland hills.
6:52 am
she was able to free herself and went to a nearby home to call police. she suffered minor injuries and police are still looking for two white men in their 20s, possibly driving an older pickup truck with a loud muffler. mountain view police say more arrests are coming following a first of its kind drug bust in silicon valley. a lot of bad things going on here. marla tellez has new details about this bust and what makes it so unusual. marla, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the drug itself is what makes this bust so unusual. it's called dmt or dimethyltryptamine. we can show you what it looks like in its final crystal form. dmt is a hallucinogen naturally found in plants. when it's synthesized in the lab it becomes a powerful psychedelic drug that the dea says is ten times stronger than lsd. that's exactly what was happening inside two units of this apartment complex here downtown mountain view. on thursday a s.w.a.t. team busting the dmt operation.
6:53 am
officers arresting two people and detaining three others. one neighbor who we spoke to who did not want to be identified said she suspected something just was not right there and now she feels much safer. >> they had this little barbecue on the side and they were never cooking anything but you could smell like burning plastic. kind of a toxic plastic smell. >> reporter: in addition to all the dmt-related paraphernalia authorities found inside, they also confiscated meth, heroin and an array of weapons, including an assault rifle and shotguns. so the suspects are facing a variety of drug and weapons charges. mountain view police say we can expect more arrests in the very near future. laura, that future could be as soon as today. >> thank you very much, marla. it is 6:53. csu administrators have revealed just how much students will be paying under a new proposed fee structure. the chancellor says the proposal is designed to encourage students to graduate on time and make room for new students by
6:54 am
charging fees for students taking more credits than they need. there are three types of fees in this proposed structure. first, any student with more than 150 credits dubbed super seniors would be actually charged $372 per credit beyond that point. a second fee of $182 per credit would be applied to students who take more than 18 units per semester. and students who repeat any class would have to pay $91 apiece. csu students say with the passage of prop 30, schools shouldn't charge more fees and they plan t protest the proposal. it is friday. laura, can you help me out here, i believe our prop department dropped something off. we have a pinata and scott mcgrew has a light bulb. >> gadget friday. >> you're wondering what the pinata does? >> yes. >> absolutely nothing. >> i know what a pinata does. >> we'll get to your pinata here in a minute. i want to talk about the light
6:55 am
bulb. the philips hue bulb, the idea is these are wirelessly controlled on your ipad, so we can show you this lamp here and it has a nice white light. we'll even bring down the lights. >> nice. >> i know, i know. watch this, i can change the color of the light bulb based on what my ipad presets are. >> it's like a mood thing. >> it is like a mood thing. it is very cool. so i can go an infinite number of colors. now take a look at your pinata over there. you have the nice pink there. what i did earlier was i took a picture of the pink in the pinata so this is the very same pink color. >> it replicates it? >> it replicates it. >> i took a picture of my tie so that is the blue in my tie. you guys are wearing grays and blacks so it wasn't quite as easy to use. i thought that marla was wearing a pretty coral skirt but i
6:56 am
thought it would be creeky to follow her around taking pictures of her skirt. just save it as marla's skirt. about $200 over at the apple store. three light bulbs though. >> if you could work that light bulb thing with barry white music and the ipad, we've got the whole package. >> it is the weekend for staying indoors. because of the rain it's going to be cold but christina you're telling us we'll have windows of opportunity? >> yes, we will. i really like that product because different rooms have different functions and fluorescents can be very unfor giving. good morning to you. we are lit up like a christmas tree on your radar this morning. temperatures are going to be cold. you'll need that jacket, you want to keep that umbrella handy. we've got that snow on top of mt. hamilton and just a few lingering very light spotty showers left. one located over the bay bridge.
6:57 am
travel cautiously there and everywhere as we have slick conditions left over from last night's rain. as we head through the afternoon, highs will be warm enough for the development of some isolated thunderstorms. we'll be here tracking those all day long. 58 in livermore, 57 in san francisco. let's check on that all-important drive. it's friday. we don't want to have any problems. the man to help you out is mike. >> thank you very much. we're looking over here to the congestion for north 280 coming up towards the 880/17 interchange. that's the same area bob redell is talking about, that big construction project which will be great once it's done in a couple years. we have slowing at the transition itself. then you clear up north of there and the maps will show you the same situation. red as you approach on 280 and clearing once you pass into cupertino. also north 85, 87 really jamming down and 101 showing that congestion as well. the green overlaying from the recent rain so slick roadways possible. we saw that in the earlier camera shot. more slowing westbound coming into livermore and both directions, a note for today, we have new outlets so watch for
6:58 am
slowing there. we end with a live shot showing you the maze and a smooth drive off the berkeley curve always to the bay bridge toll plaza, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening right now, this tobacco warehouse up in flames this morning in burbank. this one started about 3:30 this morning. firefighters there still battling a three-alarm fire. you can see the smoke still billowing out of that roof. firefighters initially were on the inside trying to fight this but had to get out, it was too intense, as the flames spread to that attic. arson investigators right now still on the scene investigating. it is 6:58. one final check of the day's top stories for you. san francisco firefighters knocking down a major fire at a home in the monterey heights neighborhood. the home was said to be undergoing renovations. no one was home. no word on a cause. construction starting today on that very busy 880/280 interchange in san jose. a new exit and flyover ramps will eventually ease that congestion near santana row and valley fair mall. construction expected for the next two years.
6:59 am
new york city and long island have imposed a gas rationing plan to ease long lines in the wake of hurricane sandy. drivers are assigned even or odd days according to their license plate numbers. police are stationed at individual gas stations to make sure everyone is following the rules. and that weekend at the box office, sounds like something you're interested in. >> maybe so. takes a lot to get me to the movies these days. two movies, both with a 93% fresh rating on the new movie review site rotten tomatoes. first up "lincoln." this is directed by steven spielberg starring danielle day lewis as abraham lincoln. i think it looks very intriguing. it's rated pg-13. >> also bond is back. that's right, daniel craig in the latest as 007. this one rated pg-13. final question, where did scott mcgrew get a pinata at 6:00 a.m.? >> there was a friday in the newsroom. it's friday. have a great weekend.


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